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Reden auf Englisch

Dieses Thema im Forum "Spiele spielen" wurde erstellt von Mirielle, 15 Juni 2006.

  1. Laraya13

    Laraya13 Laraya

    English is a very wonderful language. It's not very hard to learn, so I can't understand why most of the people who had english in school are so bad with this language?
  2. Rose1

    Rose1 Aktives Mitglied

    I think french is more difficult. But I often make mistakes in english and my grades in french are better.
  3. SamanthaI

    SamanthaI Fohlen

    I can understand (my auto correction wants to write „Unterstand“) english and frensh (Not „fernsah“...) both (Not „Bote“) , but I am bad in talking. In the communication exams I had a 5+ and a 4- ...
  4. Donoma

    Donoma Mitglied

    Wow, I never learned french. Back in school my english was good. I often slept during the english readings. but I can speak English better than I can write it.
  5. bellona

    bellona Mitglied

    I write better than I speak in english. I just can't get the hang of the "th". Also I tend to stumple over my words like a complete idiot :)

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