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KG 45 - Englische Kurzgeschichte

Dieses Thema im Forum "Archiv" wurde erstellt von deivi, 14 Jan. 2014.


Welche Geschichte soll gewinnen?

  1. The little things in our life... - Gwen

  2. Mother Earth - Ravenna

  3. A terrible night - Bilbo

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  1. deivi

    deivi Don't drink and daif Staff

    Hier findet der 45. Kurzgeschichtenwettbewerb statt

    Stammdaten der Kurzgeschichten:
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    Thema: Englische Kurzgeschichte (die Geschichte muss auf Englisch verfasst sein)

    -Startgeld von 15 Joellen gehen an mich (deivi)
    -Zahlungsgrund: KG 45
    -Wer nicht überweist wird disqualifiziert
    -Die Geschichte muss von dir geschrieben sein​

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  2. Ravenna

    Ravenna I walk her path...

    -Mother Earth
    - Ein Mädchen wurde getötet, doch durch ihr reines Herz wurde sie aufgenommen von Mutter Natur, um als Geist an ihrer Seite ewiglich zu existieren.
    Das Lied das mich dabei inspiriert hat - denn auch diese sieben Götter sind im großen Sein, doch eins....
    - Frühjahr 2014
    Soft spring sunshine dappled her skin, and a bee buzzed close to her ear as it looped its way through a clump of ferns, but the girl couldn´t hear it at all. She would never hear again, never see the beautifulness that surrounded her. Darkness swallowed her, pressing thick to her, but she could not smell the mossy odor of spring. Once she was crushed by the darkness of the night, and panic had surged through her skin, the taste of water, earth and cold stone had bathed her tongue. Her cries for help never heard, but at the cliff of dead she had known there was just one big thing that rules over others. As she realizes this light as bright as the stars above her, took her eye sight from her and she survived as something unbelievable.
    Her life taken from the boy she trusted the most, was given her back – mother nature had taken her back, but in a different way, just the girls spirit survived the torture.
    The spirit itself became part of the whole being, the goddess of birth, life and death had seen all of her life, every failing, the good and the bad, but still the girl was worth to enter her world. It happened only once in her entire lifetime, that someone was worth such a gift.
    The goddess was rightful, because she could feel the truth. Her heart is free from hatred and greed, she is brave because she don´t cling to life. The goddess is strong, because she is filled with compassion and she would never be tamed. She is creator of chaos and beautifulness, the people who worship her had given her many names - but she is only one.
    So she will live long after we have passed away…..
  3. Loki

    Loki Bekanntes Mitglied

    A terrible night
    Es geht um ein Mädchen, das von ihrem schlimmsten Erlebnis erzählt.
    There was only the terrible Dubsteb in my ears. Well, I never liked it and I still don´t like it. Maybe it´s because of the incident which happened at this evening. Maybe it´s because it sounds terrible. But who cares which music was played at this evening? Probably nobody but I still remember this music... And I still know what happened. I remember it like it was yesterday but it isn´t. It was three years, two months and six days ago. I was at a classmate´s houseparty. Jareds houseparty. It was a Saturday and his parents weren´t at home. Well, my best friend Kalel and me arrived at the party. "Gosh! Look! There´s Jared!", sher cried like a little child which saw a big teddybear. "Wow", I only said bored. "Surprise! We´re at Jareds party and look! There is Jared!" Kalel had to laugh. "Okay, okay. Maybe I.... like him." "You like him? Dear, you´re crazy about him. You felt in love!", I said and grinned. Kalels face became red. "Maybe", she mumbled. "And? Come on. Go to him!", I said and pushed Kalel in Jareds direction. Looking after my friend I didn´t notice that someone stood behind me. "Hey Rachel!", I heard and turned around. "Oh, hi Dan", I said and turned red. "Are you alone here?", the tall boy asked me. "What? Umm. No, I´m here with Kalel." At that moment I heard a cry. The music, the terrible Dubsteb didn´t stop but everyone was quite and everyone wanted to know what happened. I looked around the people but I couldn´t see Kalel. "Excuse me please, Dan", I whispered. Then I went in the direction where Kalel stood with Jared. Well, no, I didn´t go. I ran. I ran and pushed the other people away. The people whispered and they all looked confused. And I ran till I saw it. There was blood on the floor. And there lied a girl. First I couldn´t see who it was. But then I walked around her and I realized who it was. "Kalel", I whispered. "Kalel!", I cried and everyone looked at me and everyone was shocked because of this picture. A dead girl on the floor. But it wasn´t a girl. It was Kalel! "Kalel!", I cried again and I felt the warm tears on my cheeks. "Kalel!" Then everything turned black.
    I still do not know what really happened but some people said Kalel killed herself because Jared had a girlfriend. Other people said that Jareds girlfriend killed Kalel, but I don´t know what I should think. The only thing I know is that Kalel died in this night. And when she died, there only was that terrible music.
  4. deivi

    deivi Don't drink and daif Staff

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    Sie endet am 08.08. um 20:59 Uhr
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