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Gewinner des 23 GWs - Catalina

Dieses Thema im Forum "Gewinner" wurde erstellt von deivi, 29 März 2015.

  1. deivi

    deivi Don't drink and daif Staff

    Hier ist der Gewinner des 23. Gedichtswettbewerbs - Catalina
    Thema: Englisches Gedicht
    - Titel des Gedichts: Golden Fox
    - Thema des Gedichts: Spaziergang in der Natur mit Fuchs-Begegnung
    - Verfasst am: 11.03.2015
    Golden Fox
    O how soft the sun was shining,​
    tenderly and gentle.​
    Autumn's river clear and winding​
    through Mother Nature's world.​
    Whispers escaping from birds and bees,​
    how shallow yet broad in the sun's light,​
    watching from the tiresome trees​
    how I made my way through their realm.​
    O how bright the sun was shining,​
    awakening the nature's soul.​
    Autumn's river clear and winding​
    through Mother Nature's world.​
    See, a fox is sitting there​
    in a circle with his cubs.​
    Alert in his eyes as to where​
    I was standing caught off guard.​
    Tales of smart and witty foxes​
    roaming through my head right now​
    playing tricks and playing boxes​
    as they told me when I was young.​
    Sun enlightning the fur​
    breathing gold and copper​
    sweet voices trap me with their lures​
    make me want to pet the dear.​
    O how fast the fox was running,​
    followed by his little kids​
    I still remember of how cunning​
    the forest's king tricked the raven.​
    Standing in the autumn's light​
    amazed and shocked with a smile in my heart.​
    How come this moment vanished in the right​
    moment between them and I?​


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)
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